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Oct 04 2012

August 21st-October 3rd

I can hardly catch my breath.
How does any human accomplish all of the things that I’m expected to accomplish right now?
I have officially left the “honeymoon” phase; the kids are showing some dark sides, and mine is starting to come out.  I don’t know how many times I told myself before the school year started that I wouldn’t become the teacher who could not control her kids.  I’m getting my ass handed to me.  I almost wish I could start the year over, but that would mean I lose my only bit of accomplishment from these past 7 weeks–the fact that I am barely surviving.
I try keep reminding myself of the reasons why I joined.  I want to be an educator, I want to enrich lives…but do I want to do these things for an ultimately selfish reason?  I couldn’t stand working at a dead end job that had no……

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